Texas-born Country artist Sierra Bernal knows audiences crave Country music that tells stories, brings them back to a certain memory or helps them just have fun, which is why for over ten years, she’s been doing just that.

Having penned hundreds of songs, Sierra creates storytelling melodies and lyrics with distinct sounds that set her apart from other artists. Her discography includes country sounds with bluesy undertones, toe-tapping beats, soulful ballads, and even sexy Spanish flair. 

On top of being a songwriter, she is a Southern Belle with Texas grit, a vocalist, musician, and entertainer who is at home on an intimate stage or with a crowd of ten thousand.

Sierra’s course began when, at age 10, she sang an a cappella version of Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight” in a school talent show. Stunning the audience into silence as they listened, the thrill of being on stage set in, and she was hooked.

Having an identical twin with special needs, being in the global spotlight since she was 11, and having to endure some heavy situations has allowed her many lived experiences to pull from as inspiration for her music. 

Additionally, as an avid observer, Sierra calls upon experiences from others to craft songs she writes either independently or with other notable songwriters.

Aiding in her ability to craft unforgettable songs is Chromesthesia, something that evokes an involuntary neurological response to sound. It allows her to “see” colors while listening to music.

Sierra has performed at Nashville’s Bluebird Café, Commodore Grill, and The Fontanel, as well as many in and around Texas, such as the Outlaws & Legends Festival in Abilene. Her high-energy sets have also been seen at Dosey Doe’s Big Barn, Main Street Crossing, Mo’s Place in Katy, and at noted events like the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Cook-off.

Insiders say Sierra’s just what Country Music has been waiting for, and it’s ready.

The Talented Band

Robert Guerrero, Lead Guitarist

Instruments: Guitar electric\acoustic

Musical Influences: Alex Skolnick, Al Dimeola, Santana, Jeff Beck, Johnny Highland, Brent Mason

Favorite Quotation: “You have no excuse to suck.”

Quirky Talent: I make random noises at random times.

I picked up guitar at age 9 and could never put it down. I became the only musician in the family, which in turn made it difficult for my family to relate to my musical/”artsy-fartsy” personality, but nonetheless my pops always supported me.​

D.B. Cooper, Bassist

Brandon Lemond, Drummer

Instruments: Drums, guitar, piano, bass guitar and electric triangle

Musical Influences: I’m a rocker at heart. Motley Crue, Sevendust, Bullet For My Valentine, Brantley Gilbert.

Favorite Quotation: ” This isn’t a circus they’re talking about…this is my life .” ~Tommy Lee

Quirky Talent: I twirl sticks.

I have a very supportive and awesome family. Growing up, my father was in several bands and would let me set in a song or two at some of his gigs. I was only 5 years old the first set I sat in. He also took me to see many shows. As I got older, I branched out and joined my first professional band at age 16.