What Country Music Has Been Waiting For

Bringing Something Unique & Refreshing to Country Music

CMA Member and Texas-born Country artist Sierra Bernal is a Southern Belle with Texas grit. As an entertainer, vocalist, musician, and songwriter with a love for storytelling who is quickly changing the landscape of Country Music, her talent earns her the ability to hold her own among veteran artists. She’s written with notable songwriters such as Clay Mills, Kevin Brandt and Bobby Terry, and performed on legendary stages such as The Fontanel, Nashville’s Bluebird Café, and Commodore Grill, as well as many in and around Texas such as the Outlaws & Legends Festival in Abilene, playing for as many as 8,500 people. Her high-energy sets have also graced the stages at Dosey Doe’s Big Barn, Main Street Crossing, Mo’s Place in Katy and at noted events like Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Cook-off. 

Sierra’s musical journey began when, at age 5, she stated that if she couldn’t be a crocodile hunter (yes, just like Steve Irwin) she would become a Country Music Artist. At age 10, she overcame a case of stage fright to sing an a cappella version of Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight” in a talent show. Stunning the audience into silence as they listened, the thrill of being on the stage set in and she was hooked.

What People Are Saying

"Sierra and her band are very easy to work with and are the nicest individuals you will meet! They are a very talented, top-notch act! Go have a listen for yourself!"
"Sierra is the real deal! The things that impressed me the most about working with her was her songwriting and her singing. Her ability, musical knowledge and professionalism goes far beyond her age. I predict she's going to be a household name in the near future!"
"Sierra has a truly unique perspective to her songs and the voice to pull them off!"