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“Crazy One,” “Called on the Rain” & “Sometimes I Get Cold”

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Get To Know Sierra

CMA member, vocalist, and songwriter Sierra Bernal is a Southern Belle with Texas grit.  Her talent rivals those much older than she. She finds herself equally at home at a fancy party or fishing in a remote pond in the wide open fields of Texas. Her quick wit and fiery attitude are immediately noticeable.  But of all her traits, it’s strength that stands out. She and her family are used to challenges and what it takes to overcome them – a definite plus for someone pursuing a career in music. She faces challenges with grace and wisdom of one beyond her years, culling material from her interesting upbringing as an identical twin.

“I’ve experienced life in a very different way than most my age and think I matured quickly because of it,” Sierra says thoughtfully. “I am one of a rare set of twins as my twin Sienna has Primordial Dwarfism and additional special needs. As the family works to showcase Sienna’s uniqueness, we bring awareness to the fact that conditions don’t define us or define who each of us is meant to become. Because of this, allowing for a diversity of experiences in life helps with songwriting.”

Sierra’s course began when, at age 5, she stated that if she couldn’t be a crocodile hunter (yes, just like Steve Irwin) she would become a singer. At age 10, she overcame a case of stage fright to sing an a cappella version of Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight” in a talent show. Stunning the audience into silence as they listened, the thrill of being on stage set in and she was hooked. Revealing later to the Houston Press that singing was a “hobby” she and Sienna shared, their story caught the attention of vocal coach, Gary Bankston, who was later quoted as saying Sierra’s “lyrics are pure poetry.”

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